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Educational toys
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Friday, June 16, 2006

Getting children ready for their first day of school.

Leaving their comfortable routine of home and taking that first big step away from the nest can be a big, and often traumatic, event for a new kindergartner. While some children begin showing signs of an interest in school in advance of the big day, it's not necessarily always the case with all preschoolers. There are, however, ways you can prepare your children to help them transition into the exciting and wonderful experience that awaits them. As many of their difficulties will often to relate to socializing with other children, you can help ready your child through such activities as playing board games. One of the standard dynamics of most board games is having to take turns. Getting a child used to this concept can make their integration into groups a lot easier.

Another suggestion we've found for parents is to involve children in activities that encourage the use of their imaginations, such as playing with building blocks, modeling dough or art supplies. This helps children not only become more creative but also helps them to understand the consequences of their actions.

Chief Imagination Officer

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