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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Creativity Institute Adds Two New PBIS Puppet Show Scripts

The Creativity Institute has recently added two more skits to their library of original puppet show scripts. These two new puppet show scripts are in line with the ideals of Positive Behavior Support that educators are now focused on. While these puppet show scripts are sold individually, they are also available in combo sets with the hand puppet cast that can perform them. And although they are written for the puppet stage, they can also be performed by children acting out the parts without using puppets at all.
"Get in Line, One at Time" is an original puppet show script that demonstrates the positive behavior support message of how the friends don’t get anything done trying to all push at the same time, but come to understand the value of standing in line. The script has four speaking parts and the puppet show length is approximately 3-4 minutes.
"Friends Are as Friends Do" demonstrates how the puppets don't like being friends with a bully who isn't trying to be anyone's friend. This script has four speaking parts and the puppet show length is approximately 3-4 minutes.
The Creativity Institute writers have developed these scripts to be easy to perform while communicating a value lesson to the children. And we’ve thrown in enough humor to keep it interesting.
Also included with this puppet show script are puppet show stage directions that The Creativity Institute has put together to help staging more professional and enjoyable puppet shows, such as tips on simulating walking, moving mouths, etc. You’d be surprised how many people close the mouth on each syllable, which is the opposite of how people talk and the opposite of what puppeteers should do.

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