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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Potion

When your schedule accommodates the needs of several children, not to mention your other obligations, it's hard to make time for one-on-one experiences with your kids. But when the opportunity arises to give all your attention to one child for a little while, the results can be both memorable and enriching.
Once, a simple walk with my 8-yr. old daughter turned into a delightful treasure hunt. As we headed out, she asked if we could gather “things” along the way to make a potion. What a fun idea! We gathered things both organic and not. Cedar balls, cypress blades, pine needles, pansy petals, acorns, string and more. When we got it all home, I gave her a large bowl, spoons for stirring and water to add to it. Together, we mixed it up. Surprisingly, it had a pleasant, room-freshener aroma (thanks to all the cedar balls).
Best of all, she was inspired to create wonderful stories about the magical powers of our “potion,” all the while pretending to be a wizard.
Practically anything can lead the way to pretend-play, but if you need inspiration, consider puppets or maybe even a playtent. Imagination is a wonderful thing, and watching it flourish is a joyful experience for both parent and child.

Chief Imagination Officer

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Story Time For Me said...

I have a 6 year old daughter that loves imaginative play, but I find it hard. Can you offer more ideas to help me incorporate imagination into playtime.