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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grammyland Delights

Along with my running The Creativity Institute, my husband and I are musicians and songwriters. Through our affiliation with NARAS, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, we’re able to vote on music known and unknown to be nominated for the annual Grammy awards.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve spent hours and hours listening to musicians of various genres. What an exciting and inspiring endeavor it has been! Sure, we encountered some artists who were at various levels of lackluster, but, overall, we came across some amazing talent lurking in the wings of discovery.

Here are just a few of the musical acts who were a delightful surprise for me: Parris Lee, Carolyn Malachi, Light of Love, Allison Tartalia, LR-60, Kathy Sanborn, Terri Lynn Carrington, D Woods, Sylvan Street Jazz, Linda Chorney, Vernell Brown, Jr., Bombastic Meatballs….I could go on and on.

And what I love most about this experience is that it is pure creative food. Have you ever felt an urge to paint after walking through a gallery? Or wanted to design an outfit after watching “Project Runway?” Or maybe start that book you always knew you had in you after reading a particularly memorable story? Embrace the bountiful creative buffet at every opportunity. You can never get too much.

If I weren’t feeling so good right now, I might jump on my soapbox about keeping the arts alive in schools…but, for now, I am drifting happily on a music high and expect to stay there for a while as I explore the full repertoire of the artists we’re just getting to know.

I encourage you to listen to some music you’ve never heard before, and if it feeds your soul a little bit, meet me in the clouds!

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Catherine F said...

I came across your site when I was looking for info about the importance of music for children. Reading this post, I think that you probably see the importance too! I love how you called the experience of listening to the new music "creative food"! I linked to one of the articles on your site in my blog, here: and it was great to see your latest post was about music too!

Keep up the great work!

Ryan Dsilva said...

I used to listen mostly to pop music. But I know now that it is good to listen to different genres of music. Exactly, after listening to incredible music, you get the push to listen more or do something creative! Interesting, keep us more updates on your grammy news ;)
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