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Educational toys
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy for Cards

Working in the creative department of ad agencies brought lots of exciting artistic opportunities through the years. Despite busy schedules, we were constantly called on to make custom cards for employee or client events…birthdays, promotions, new babies, etc. And they usually had to be fast and clever. Some were more challenging than others, but it was always a good exercise in creativity.

creativity-institute-blogIt’s also a great exercise in creativity for children, and as long as they know they can’t fail, it’s fun for them. Help them along with hints if they need it. You can ask them questions such as, “What does Grandpa like to do?” Encourage the child to fill the card with things that are dear to the recipient. If Grandpa loves to fish, the child could draw or cut out a giant, colorful fish. And have fun with the message. For instance, for the giant fish concept you could write, “I hope your birthday fun is THIS big!

A homemade card for someone special is a gift in itself, an heirloom to treasure. And the simple act of creating it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Chief Imagination Officer

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jennifer said...

As a mother,I can assure about this.When I recently bought these toys & gave them.They showed much interest on them than other toys.This gives practical knowledge to them.