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Saturday, November 10, 2012

ARRR you ready for a musical adventure?

Following last year's exciting Grammy nomination, The Creativity Institute’s own "The Banana Plant" recording label has just released our second children’s album, “Treasure Swamp – A Pop Opera.”

"Treasure Swamp - A Pop Opera" is a very different kind of children's album. If you're familiar with Disney musicals, you'll appreciate the style of "Treasure Swamp.” It’s a family musical adventure told through 22 fully-produced, original songs. "Treasure Swamp" tells the story of a pirate invading a swamp looking for treasure, which rallies the swamp animals to join together to defend their homeland against him. The music of “Treasure Swamp” ranges from the hard rock of the Pirate to the R&B ballads sung by love-struck possums. It also include Cajun, gospel, jazz, blues, and even a tango. The entire story is told in song, with a female chorus of frogs explaining the action. All the characters sing, so there’s a rich variety of character voices, like a gravelly-voiced gator, a squeaky woodpecker and an old, wise owl who sounds a bit like Julia Child.

 At the heart of the “Treasure Swamp” story is a message about appreciating the real treasures in life. The plot was constructed so no one has to die during the struggle with the pirate, illustrating conflict resolution in a kid-friendly way.

You can hear clips of all the songs at this link:

A fun way to get an overview of the album is this 2-minute video "trailer":

 We’ve also put together a 21-piece puppet cast that can perform the musical over the album soundtrack, here:

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