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Educational toys
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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Just the Right Play Space!

How do you turn a big room into just the right intimate space for reading to children, and then to a more spacious, supervised play area, and then back into a big room? We are finding that more and more churches, schools and daycare centers are using light, portable play panels to manage these transformations in very economical way. It’s a great way to have several activities going on at the same time, with minimal distraction to each group. And the play panels are fun colors, so they brighten up a room and add dimension.

Children’s Factory PlayPanels have a wide selection and are the popular choice when it comes to Play Panel brands. They are light weight, and can be moved into position easily, put away quickly and stored flat. They snap together - in a snap! - and can be reconfigured in varying shapes, as activities demand. Available in heights of 31”, 48” and 60”, you can create either a low fence to keep the little ones in a controlled area or an adult-size screen to block a field of view.

The biggest change in the Children’s Factory line has been the addition of their “Cozy Woodland” colors to their play Panel line. Now, in addition to the original red, blue, green and yellow play panels, these panels come in soft earth tone colors: sage green, fern green, sky blue, deep water blue, walnut and almond.  So, while the original bright colors can provide an upbeat, stimulating environment, these new colors take it down a notch, for a calming, tranquil setting.

If you have a specific need for extra monitoring of what’s happening on the other side of the fence, there are transparent panels, too. These are perfect for allowing little ones independent play, while keeping an eye on them from the other side. These see-though panels are available in clear vinyl and a see-through colored mesh.

There are also special panels that are actually teaching aids. The Fuzzy Loop panels allow felt and other Velcro objects to be attached for use in learning activities or for children to create their own designs and stories. The Art Display panels have pockets that can be used in a number of ways, such as storing books, displaying the latest artwork or keeping a collection of interesting leaves.

Children’s Factory sells these panels individually and in a variety of sets. Some of the sets have colorful patterns and graphics. Play panels are probably one of the most versatile products we offer, and we love hearing how our teachers and child-care providers are creatively putting them to use. 

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